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Twin Creeks Farm is a 6th generation family farm based in the Ottawa Valley. We currently offer a variety of beef products and in the coming year will be adding a variety of meats, maple syrup, fresh produce, and agricultural products.


A Better Way to Farm

At Twin Creeks Farm we're conscious of the changing climate as a result of carbon emissions. We believe that agriculture can be a part of that problem, but it can also be a part of the solution.  We're working at a number of practices, in both managing livestock to reduce emissions, and crop management to sequester carbon in the soil.

  1. We feed our animals a diet that is high in concentrates (corn, soymeal, etc).  Digesting high concentrate diets reduces the methane produced by ruminating on a strictly grass fed diet.

  2.  We are targeting crop management practices that will help feed the soil, putting more organic matter (carbon) in the ground. This is achieved by practices such as moving towards no-till where possible, using cover crops, and managing rotations to give the healthiest soil.

  3. As a part of using cover crops we aim to reduce the level of synthetic fertilizers added to grow crops (which are heavily reliant on natural gas) by fixing nitrogen using plants, and to minimize the use of pesticides.  These cover crops will also help to ensure that the nutrients remain in the soil instead of getting washed into waterways.

  4. This coming year we'll be experimenting with some wide row corn, where we then plant a cover crop in-between the rows that can be used as a forage once the corn is harvested. A part of our aim is to grow more feed per acre, reducing the pressure to clear more land for cropping.

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